Stake BUCK. Farm ETH.

No inflation, impermanent loss, or "ponzinomics".


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This interactive tool estimates the monthly ETH rewards for a given marketplace volume and BUCK stake.

Please note that this is an estimate and actual rewards are solely dependent on actual marketplace volume.

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What?! Where is the ETH coming from?

You can't just print free ETH out of thin air. BUCK is a fixed supply token, and ETH isn't inflationary either. So how does this work?

Well, unlike your typical ponzi yield farm, Arbazaar has a real product that actually provides value to the ecosystem. Every time an NFT sale is made on Arbazaar, 2% of the purchase price is proportionally distributed to BUCK stakers. (And 0.5% goes to the developer wallet.)

Here's an example. Let's say 1,000,000 BUCK tokens are staked on Arbazaar, and your personal stake is 200,000 BUCK tokens. In this scenario, you would earn 0.2% of every Arbazaar sale, in ETH.

How can I claim my ETH rewards?

ETH rewards must be claimed manually. From this interface, you can claim your ETH rewards in a few quick steps.

First, connect the Ethereum wallet you've used to stake your tokens, and ensure you're on the Arbitrum network.

Then, click the "Claim Rewards" button. You'll be prompted to initiate a transaction and pay a small gas fee to claim any outstanding ETH rewards that you have earned since your previous claim.

Lastly, just wait a moment for the ETH to appear in your wallet!

If you unstake your BUCK while you still have unclaimed ETH rewards, you can still claim your unclaimed ETH even after you unstake.

How do I know my BUCK tokens are safe?

The code for the staking contract is open-source, and you can decide for yourself whether you want to stake your tokens. While the Arbazaar team cannot run away with your staked tokens, there is intrinsic risk associated with staking and you should use precaution and never rush into anything.

What if this website shuts down? How would I withdraw my BUCK and claim my rewards?

One way is to download the source code of this website, run it on your own computer, and unstake your tokens using this same portal locally.

However, you can always interact with the contract directly to claim your rewards manually.